Pistol Sights History


Mansfield Munitions, LLC is beginning production of its innovative open gun sights called WOOSH Sights™. WOOSH Sights™ is a patented new product for the accurate shooting of handguns and rifles. They are easier to learn, more precise, and quicker to acquire. 

The first modern pistol sights were what we call notch and post.

The next development in open sights on pistols was the addition of white dots.

More recently, the front sight circle was enlarged, and in some cases, made a different color

Development of Woosh™ Sights

Not happy with the imprecision of standard sights,

Michael Mansfield developed a new way to align sights.

The first step was to get rid of the gaps.

Setting elevation works in this design but not windage.

What to do? How about splitting halves of some images? Intuitive to join parts.

That covers windage and elevation by simply making circles from half circles.

What about the center of the front sight? Why estimate when it can be marked?                                                              

This design is more accurate and easier to learn. Intuitive, accurate, and cost no more than other open pistols sights.


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