Those of us who are old enough to remember eight or nine presidents know all about the conspiracy.

Every year, it seems, handgun manufacturers make their pistol sights a bit smaller and harder to see.  It’s either that or maybe our arms are getting shorter …

Regardless, we seasoned shooters want sights that work even with uncorrected, sleepy, 2-am-in-the-morning eyes — high-visibility sights that stand out.

Same-same for competition shooters and gunfighters. They want sights that are easy to reacquire for follow-up shots.

Well, Sarasota businessman Michael Mansfield may have the answer. At least he’s on the right track.

Mansfield recently patented a two-dot sight system or, more accurately, a four, half-dot sighting system.

The rear sight features two half-circles. There are two half-circles on the front sight as well. When the sights are properly aligned, the shooter will see two complete circles. To make it a bit easier, the circles are different colors.

Mansfield’s front sight is a bit wider than traditional front sights. As such, it fills in the gaps usually seen on each side of the front sight.